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Vision and Mission

To develop a child and mould to be a true global citizen with sterling qualities and good values is our commitment. To treat teachers, staff, children and parents involved in the development of the child requires compassion. The task before us is not easy keeping in mind the most valuable raw material entrusted to us, yes! We are talking about children. Courage is our companion.

Commitment, Compassion and courage constitute our logo which is a reflection of the vision our founders have.

We believe there should be joy in learning and sustain the joy we celebrate everyday and we call our festival 'Learning' so at Kovai Public School "Learning is Celebration".

At Kovai Public School we believe in setting trends and our vision is based on this ethos of setting and blazing a trail in the field of education and the reference point of all model schools should be to set their Benchmark based on our institution's performance.

To give space to the imagination of child the campus is developed in 9 acres of land. Class rooms are equipped with all the modern educational needs without any compromise. Besides all these we have empowered our teaching faculty with freedom to devise and strategize lesson plans to bring the best in the child. Passion is the main ingredient found in abundance among our teachers and staff.