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We make children involve in programs and special activities which develop their talents, compliments their individuality, refine their sociability, promote higher order thinking and above all encourage the value of peace and harmony. Just to give them confidence, commitment and concentration, these programs are spread year long.


Club Activities     :  Readers Club, Eco Club & Gardening, Math Club, Heritage and Integrity Club, Fine arts club, Health and Wellness Club, and Electronics Club

Life Skills             :  Life skill activities are embedded with purposive and Meaningful manual work , organized as an integral part of their learning process.

Work Education  :  Students are trained in cooking, House- keeping, Electrical gadgets, Mechanics, Science & Technology, Preparation of useful domestic items, origami Art & craft, Preparing SUPW products and Clay modeling.


The school provides ample opportunities for the students to engage themselves in a wide variety of Extra Curricular Activities through

Sports and Games : All the major indoor and outdoor games are taught to the students - Basket ball, Hand ball, foot ball, Volley/ throw ball, Tennis, Badminton, Kho-Kho, Kabadi, Table Tennis , Chess and Carom.

School Band                   :  The school has a full-fledged school band, interested students from Grade 5 & above are effectively trained by the band master.

Scouts & Guides            :  The school has bunnies for Kindergarten, Cubs and bull bulls for Primary and Scout & Guide for Secondary classes.

Philately Club                 :  To inculcate the collection and study of postage stamps.

Other School Activities :  Slokam, Yoga, Karate, Dance, Silambam, Skating Archery, Swimming( in Pipeline)

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